World Resources Institute, Building Efficiency Initiative New Report: “Accelerating Building Efficiency: 8 Actions for Urban Leaders”

World Resources Institute, Building Efficiency Initiative

New Report: Accelerating Building Efficiency: 8 Actions for Urban Leaders

The World Resources Institute (WRI) Building Efficiency Initiative released an important new tool for city officials. The Accelerating Building Efficiency in Cities: 8 Actions for Urban Leaders handbook helps promote sustainability through accelerated efficiency building solutions for urban communities around the world.

The handbook highlights eight areas where decision-makers can take transformative action:

  1. Building efficiency codes and standards,
  2. Efficiency improvement targets,
  3. Performance information and certifications,
  4. Incentives and finance,
  5. Government leadership by example,
  6. Private building owner, manager, and occupant engagement,
  7. Technical and financial service provider engagement, and
  8. Working with utilities.

The handbook showcases the “triple bottom line” benefits of efficient buildings, which drive economic, social and environmental advancements. Designed as a reference guide for identifying and prioritizing action, the handbook aims to advance efficiency in communities and organizations around the world.

A key recommendation of the handbook is the importance of planning policies through a multi-stakeholder, integrative process. By engaging the building sector, an integrative process helps inform governance, policies, and decision-making. Integration of building efficiency in broader urban planning activities can also help institutionalize efficiency strategies across disparate departments within a government, while aligning the interests of all interested parties around implementing cost-effective efficiency options at each stage of a building’s lifecycle.

To start this process, the handbook recommends that decision makers begin by defining the following:

  • What tools can be employed to accelerate energy efficiency in buildings?
  • How can policy and programs support and accelerate energy efficiency in buildings?
  • Who can leverage the acceleration of energy-efficient buildings?

By engaging in a process that considers all of these factors, city leaders can plan for effective combination of policies and actions that can assist in accelerating building efficiency around the world in the future.

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